To see and be seen,
to listen and be heard,
to understand and
be understood.
To belong as yourself. Create a positive reality.
Embrace Society.



As experts in social and behaviour change, our proprietary diverse society change model "Evolution of Attitude" drives positive, effective and sustained change for any campaign or target group. 


It's really about talking the talk. Our extensive community networks and relationships at all levels ensure we are speaking to the right people, sensitively and appropriately to achieve real and significant outcomes.


Media planning in the digital age is
a greater challenge than ever before. We engage with your audience through their preferred channels.
We support your strategies with our audience data subscriptions, available metrics and bring a deep engagement with media owners.


Our diverse and comprehensive media partnerships and social media expertise can add value to any campaign.


The engine room of awareness building and messaging, we craft materials and messages tailored to your target audience.


When the wheels of strategy and concept development hit the ground, time to build awareness and move traffic.


Creative that is driven by strategy yet still delivers the emotive connection to resonate and stand out. We tell stories that are recognised, relevant and authentic that connect with our audience.


Holistic strategy, inclusive in its focus and dynamic in its reach, we can construct an intricate multi-audience strategy across a myriad of touch points and media streams or a simple single audience strategy, dependent upon the focus and need.

About Us

Embrace Society is a multi-disciplinary strategy and communications group, led by Paula Masselos and specialising in hard to reach audiences.

We are a group of experienced and committed professionals who believe the best way to reach our audience are through positive portrayals that are relevant and authentic. Embrace Society recognise that we are all individuals, we celebrate the similarities and acknowledge the differences, we embrace inclusion and positive realism as key tenets of our business.


Paula Masselos is a highly experienced strategist and communicator, with a career spanning over 30 years. She has held a number of senior positions including Head of SBS Radio and  Commissioner of the Community Relations Commission. Paula has extensive experience in communication strategy and implementation to hard to reach audiences for both government and corporate clientele.

Her extensive community networks and relationships with high value stakeholders ensure any engagement will always be appropriately targeted, sensitively implemented and achieve exceptional outcomes. Paula has experience in running campaigns in a diverse range of areas, whether it is the sale of Telstra and Medibank Private, understanding a Clean Energy Future or the NBN, promoting respectful relationships, combating underage forced marriage or increasing rates of people signing on to the  Australian Organ Donor Register.

Our Vision

Connecting with hard to reach audiences on an emotional level is about understanding who they are and who they aspire to be. Real understanding requires commitment.

In order create effective change you need to be immersed in these communities, honouring their culture and values, recognising and respecting their individual touch points and preferences, shaping information to be positive, useful and relevant. Our messaging and campaigns stand out, our community engagement builds the blocks of real and significant behaviour change.

Embrace Society recognise that we are all individuals, we celebrate the similarities and acknowledge the differences, we embrace inclusion and positive realism as key tenets of our business. Our promise to both our clients and their audience is that we will not add to the overabundance of negative messaging.

We want the focus of conversation to move from tolerance to inclusion and equity, we want to create a positive reality.

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